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If you require a house, apartment, or townhouse rental in Campbell River, BC, we’ve got you covered. With 20+ years experience in the Campbell River property rental market, we have access to the best rental properties in town.

About Campbell River

Welcome to Campbell River!  This oceanfront community of 30,000 people is nestled on the eastern edge of Vancouver Island between the oldest park in British Columbia (Strathcona Park) and the rocky foreshore of the Discovery Passage. 

This narrow sliver of ocean, known as “the Inside Passage,” is sandwiched between Vancouver Island & mainland British Columbia and is a historical waterway for marine traffic and aquatic wildlife.

Clustered with mountainous islands, the narrow channels of water churn with rushing rapids created by changing tides forcing large volumes of water through the inlets.  This constantly moving water creates a full menu of nutrients for the ocean-dwellers and attracts all kinds of marine life.  This area has rapidly grown as a tourist destination for wildlife lovers, who come armed with binoculars and cameras in hopes of viewing the awesome orcas, black bears, sea lions and dolphins.

Back on land, the famous Campbell River winds its way down through forests and lakes, dropping in elevation to form the roaring Elk Falls and tumbling through canyons before meandering and spreading through the salmon-breeding estuary and out to the Pacific Ocean.  Fisherman in waders line the shoreline, their lines catching flashing in the morning sun, as they roam the river for salmon and steelhead.

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